[visual effects]

flexibility. detail. realism.

Amazing visual content is fast evolving to become the heart of information delivery on the web. That content is what we create.

We build both video and still imagery from scratch.

Enormous flexibility. Extremely potent bespoke imagery showcasing your products at their very best.


[concept design and product visualization]

not held back by CAD

Breath a new lease of life into an old product. Or create a new one.

There will come a time when you will want to see it in action, sell it at a show or online, or apply for funding on Kickstarter.

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We would love to hear from you.

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[business cards, brochures, vehicle signs and artwork, pop-up displays, large format displays]

Your client's experience of your company is affected by every communication you have with them. When it's print, they will literally take that experience with them. It had better be good.

Computer generated prototypes.

Using our visual effects system we can generate lifelike computer generated images of complex designs and print finishing options so that both you (and our printers) know exactly what you will be getting.

Visit our print blog pages to find out more about what we can create for you.


Or jump straight into a topic.

Why not try VFX. That's computer generated "Visual Effects" - our favourite.


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[mobile first,
content-oriented design]

websites should deliver great content

Our focus is on your content, ideas and design goals.

Every new design is a collaboration

At Superframe, we design. We work with you to design a beautiful, functional and accessible site to best show your specific content. When you are happy with how your site will look, we work alongside our partner studios to develop and publish your site.


[consultation - affordable access to our expertise]

We hope you like the look of our work. We would be happy to have a detailed look at your ideas and plan a project for you.


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